Eachine ProDVR inside EV800 Goggles to Record Video

Install Eachine ProDVR inside the Eachine EV800 Goggles To Record FPV

As you know, the Eachine EV800 does not have a DVR integrated in it.

It is possible to upgrade the Eachine EV800 goggles so we can record FPV flights and play.

The first we need is Eachine ProDVR

Many people stick DVR outside somewhere of the goggles, but there is better solution.

EV800 has duplicated [CH+] and [Band+] buttons and absolutely useless [Search] button, sometimes it finds incorrect channel. We can use them for DVR control.

[Search] button – Start and stop recording.
[Menu] button – Switch between FPV and DVR.
[CH+] and [Band+] – Navigate through DVR interface.
Slot on the top – Insert and remove SD card.

How to install Eachine ProDVR inside in your fpv EV800 goggles?

Flip over your Eachine goggles and take out the 4 screws on the bottom. Disconnect the battery plug, remove the screen and board together.

Cut off part of the buttons fastener and stick corners with the glue.

Then we need mark and cut a slot for MicroSD card.

There is a plenty of space above the battery near buttons for ProDVR. However, we need to reduce it size to make it fit perfectly. Cut off SD card side of it by 1.5 mm with a sharp tool.

Now the inserted SD card will be in the same high as the goggles case.

Grab your board and solder the wires. First of all we need cut the tracks for ProDVR buttons.

Do the same thing to [Search] button.

Solder the 4 black wires together. Then solder the wires in the same locations as pictured

The next solder point is in the other side where the video (yellow) black (ground) wire will be soldered.

Put it all together. Return LCD and mainboard to their places. Plug the Eachine ProDVR. Place the top cover back onto the casing, put the 4 screws back in.

Now it’s time to test. Press [Menu] button to activate AV mode then record [Search] button and FLY.

Feel free to use Eachine ProDVR instruction.

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